The Driving Force Behind Our Success

Our core vision and philosophy is what drives us to create and chase success - not just in numbers but also scale and innovation.

Welcome to our world

Since 1997, RR Corp has been an intrinsic driver of the Hyderabad skyline's growth. Every project is an exercise in trust, quality and innovation and is in pursuit of building enduring relationships with our customers and partners. There's a long way to go from here, and we're all set to reach our goals, seek out new ones, and keep raising our standards for success.


Years of delivering HAPPINESS





A timeline of our success


We're committed to doing things the right way.

This is why we're particular about those we work with and how we do things. At the end of the day, all that matters is building our foundation for tomorrow on honesty.


Our work is our pride and joy

Everyday is an exploration of what we can do to push our limits. We enjoy innovating with materials, planning and partnerships and through our passion we reach new heights pinnacles of excellence.


Our ambitions are limitless and how we fulfill them all is through unbridled discipline.

There are scores of things to explore and we're well on our way to doing just that through our dedication to doing things right and pushing ourselves forward.




Our visionary founder

N. Ravindranath Reddy

Founder & MD
Our founder has been transforming the real estate landscape of Hyderabad and Secunderabad since 1997. His courage and resilient vision for the future have made him a visionary in seeing the potential in growing the south Indian real estate market. He has harnessed his exemplary interpersonal skills to build partnerships and develop an empathy that has taken us far and ensured that we are #1 in the minds of our customers. Lastly, his precise market strategy has consistently driven us towards unparalleled excellence.

Our values

We seek the superlative in everything we do.

Our ambitions are limitless and our standards are sky-high. Everything we create or seek is the highest in quality. Of that we can be sure.

Our principles are steadfast and they are our north star.

We've built our reputation on being honest, transparent and reliable. All our success comes from our integrity, and so it will remain as long as we exist.

We move with the times and adapt endlessly.

We've built innovation into our systems, processes and work ethic. We constantly seek a new, better way of doing things so we can keep at pace with the world, and keep redefining excellence for ourselves.

Partners we have worked with